Features of Unilend
Things making UniLend a unique DeFi Protocol
There are many amazing features that make UniLend unique and allow the platform to generate immense value for our users and $UFT token holders. The best part of UniLend’s unique features is their ability to work in synergy to create a one stop DeFi platform that can attract the masses.

DeFi Lending & Borrowing:

UniLend’s DEX & AMM utilize a permissionless listing mechanism as well. This is a very unique mechanism for any DeFi lending market and will allow users to lend, borrow and collateralize any tokens they have.

DeFi Flash Loans:

UniLend will be the first DeFi protocol to provide permissionless listing for flash loans. Additionally, UniLend’s chain agnostic nature could make us a pioneering flash loans protocol on many networks.


UniLend will empower users by allowing them to list any token without requiring permission from any authority, so that they may provide liquidity for, and trade any token.

Multi-Chain DeFi Operability:

Most existing DeFi projects are almost exclusively available on just one blockchain, Ethereum. UniLend will break this “Network locked” nature of DeFi protocols by expanding and providing our aforementioned comprehensive set of DeFi services on multiple networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Matic Network and many more to come.

Great DeFi UI & UX:

As an infant-industry many DeFi protocols can be rather difficult to use as their user interface is not optimized for end users. UniLend intends on giving users the best user experience by creating an easy, straightforward and intuitive user interface.
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