Creating New Lending Pool
UniLend is permissionless protocol and brings support to any ERC20 asset for lending and flash loans.
In this example we will create a liquidity pool of DAI on ethereum chain and give a demo of adding and redeeming liquidity to the pool.
Visit UniLend DApp on the https://app.unilend.finance/ and connect your wallet and access the Ethereum chain.
1/ Select the token from the DApp to access the token and their liquidity on UniLend.
2/ Click on the manage icon at the bottom of the token list and access more from coingecko or custom token address.
3/ Enable the Coingecko list to fetch access to more than 7000 tokens for permissionless listing.
4/ Look for DAI token in the search list again and import it to start a new pool of DAI on UniLend
5/ Or Import a token from a custom address if the information of the token is unavailable to be discovered from Coingecko.
In this example we have imported a custom token address 0x7d1afa7b718fb893db30a3abc0cfc608aacfebb0 of MATIC token.
6/ Create a lending pool and add liquidity to start earning APY over the added liquidity.
7/ Project and Community adds reward tokens to the reward pools and distribute rewards for the contributions by the community in lending pools.
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